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As an independent trade association the UKSTT have been in discussion with the UK Department for Trade and Industry (UKTI) regarding ways we can jointly support our corporate members who manufacture trenchless technology equipment in the UK and wish to develop export market opportunities.

Past Chairman Ian Ramsay and I met a delegation of six UKTI representatives at the Department for Trade & InBLOG 4dustry in Whitehall on 19th June 2018 to explore the benefits that UKTI could make available.During the two hour meeting we presented an overview of trenchless technology and the role of the UKSTT in international markets.

Jimmy Carter, who organized the meeting for UKTI said that feedback received had been very positive and that they were keen to assist in developing the potential they could see in promoting no dig technology around the world.

The UKSTT has been invited back to participate in delivering awareness training to the many overseas UKTI representatives when they gather for their annual session in October.

In addition to this we were delighted that the UKTI offered to allow our corporate membership interested in exporting equipment to register for free with the UKTI for relevant export enquiries and tenders. This exciting development will then notify companies when there is a business opportunity in their area of expertise and we will be circulating details of registration through the newsletter.

Overall it was a very successful meeting as we continue to work to widening the benefits of membership and raising awareness of trenchless technology.

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