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Council Members


Ian Vickridge, Chairman

I was one of the founder members of UKSTT and was the Technical Secretary from 1994 until 2004. At the time I was an academic involved in research and consultancy related to trenchless technology at the University of Manchester.

In 2004 I moved to Hong Kong to become a Technical Director with Black & Veatch, where I led a team working on a major water mains rehabilitation programme. During that time, I was the company's Regional Practice Leader for Underground Assets, and served as Chairman of CHKSTT from 2006 to 2009. I retired from full time employment in 2011 and am now based in the UK again.

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Matthew Izzard, Vice Chairman

Matthew has been involved in the trenchless technology industry since the 1980's and has a wealth of experience covering horizontal directional drilling, impact moling, pipe ramming, vacuum excavation systems, pipe bursting, winching, electro fusion, butt fusion (including large diameter welding) pipe pushing and pipe cutting, including all associated accessories and tooling.
He has spent all of his career working for either trenchless technology manufacturers or specialist hire companies, barring an interesting sabatical that involved him starting his own tailoring company and making the suits for the 2007 Manchester United FA Cup Final team!
He is Trenchless Technology Manager for Vermeer UK, responsible for the companies wide range of renowned directional drilling equipment and other trenchless producsts in the UK & Ireland as well as a Committee Member on the International Standards ISO/TC 138/SC 8/WG 5 - Rehabilitation of Pipeline Systems.

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 IanRamsey sm

Ian Ramsay, UKSTT Past Chairman

Graduated from the University of Northumbria, I have been involved in the trenchless industry for nearly 20 years.
Working with small diameter CIPP systems both for lateral rehabilitation as well as mainline cipp and extensive work with patch/point repairs in mainlines. Most activities in trenchless technology have involved projects overseas. In Singapore with the rehabilitation programs for the marina barrage as well working in the USA, China, Hong Kong, Middle East, Australia.
I have presented several technical papers at international trenchless conferences concerning lateral
rehabilitation,lateral connection repair systems and I/I control.
I am passionate about the various trenchless systems available and the market and contractor education ofavailable techniques.

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 ColinT sm

Colin Tickle, Honorary Treasurer

Colin came into the trenchless technology industry in 1995 when he joined the American manufacturer FlowMole, who were one of the first pioneers of HDD drilling systems.

After several years with the company Colin progressed to become their Managing Director. In 2003 Colin decided to form his own business, Drilline Products. Selling and promoting a range of trenchless products but specialising in GPR systems for utility detection and mapping. Colin has served on the council committee since 2007 and was voted on as the Societies Chairman in 2009. Colin has remained on the Council since stepping down as Chairman in 2011.

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 normanhowell sm

Norman Howell, Honorary Secretary

Norman Howell is an Engineering Geology graduate from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, he is a Chartered Geologist and Chartered Environmentalist.

He began his career at Tarmac Construction (1975 to 1985) and gained extensive experience of conventional tunnel construction. He joined D J Ryan & Sons Ltd in 1985 who were the developers and patent holders of the pipebursting technique and was responsible over a period of 18 years for all aspects of the company's involvement in Trenchless Technology. In April 2002 he joined Subterra, who are an internationally recognised innovator and developer in the field of utility pipeline rehabilitation systems and is responsible for the overall management of the company.  Since the end of 2013 he has been working as an independent technical consultant for a diverse portfolio of clients which include pipeline network owners, contractors and no dig equipment manufacturers and suppliers.

He is a Past UKSTT Chairman,  has represented the UKSTT on the ISTT Board Executive Sub-Committee and is a Past National Chairman of the Pipeline Industries Guild.

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 Claire sm

Claire Gowdy, Chair of Membership Services Sub-Committee

I have been a member of the UKSTT Council since 2002 during which time I've worked for Thames Water and Northumbrian Water. As well as being Chair of the Membership Services Sub-Committee I also organise our Annual Dinner & Awards Ceremony.

While working for Thames Water I was involved in the Section 19 Water Quality programme and managing programme reporting to OFWAT on benefits of Mains Replacement in London. For both Thames Water and Northumbrian Water I have undertaken technical projects and product evaluation relating to water mains and sewerage, including trenchless technology. I am now involved in commissioning research and product evaluation in this area.

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Dawn Greig, Vice Chairman of Membership Services Sub-Committee

Marketing & social media professional with background in senior management. Sales Director at Picote UK LTd, product sales arm of Picote Oy, for the international sales of trenchless tehnology tools for small diameter drains.

Duties include liaising with CIPP services management team and the product R & D team at Picote, while focusing on partner relationships and new business development.

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Steve Taylor, Chair of Technical & Education Sub-Committee

Stephen Taylor, joint Managing Director of Planned Maintenance (Pennine) Ltd has over 30 years' experience of providing engineering solutions, in difficult working environments. Stephen was the first to install the AMEX-10 seal and is responsible for all AMEX-10 seals projects, UK and worldwide, and larger contracts.

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Tom Sangster.1 


Tom Sangster, Vice Chair of Technical & Education Sub-Committee

 I am a professionally qualified Civil Engineer with 35 years’ experience in civil and geotechnical engineering and underground pipe networks, and am Managing Director of Downley Consultants, an international consulting engineering practice specialising in trenchless technology projects. I graduated in Civil Engineering at the University of Surrey in 1978 and became a chartered civil engineer in 1983. My early career was spent in design of water supply and wastewater systems and in geotechnical and foundations contracting and I also gained senior sales and marketing experience with companies manufacturing products for civil engineering applications.   

I have undertaken and managed many water and sewer pipe inspection, condition assessment and rehabilitation projects throughout the world and my experience in underground infrastructure encompasses innovative installation, assessment and rehabilitation and in developing strategies for managing rehabilitation programmes including QA and risk management. I have also managed many market investigation and analysis projects in underground infrastructure related markets worldwide and have managed such projects for leading companies in this field from all over the world.  

I have recently returned to the UK after living and working in Switzerland where I was for 3 years President of the Swiss Society for Trenchless Technology, CHSTT.

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Lynn Maclachlan, Business Development Manager

The provision of the secretarial function was transferred in January 2005 to Future Water Association (formerly SBWWi, a leading Trade Association for the water industry supply chain), now based in Kenilworth and all administrative activities are undertaken from their offices in Camden House.

From May 2013 to April 2016, the UKSTT administration has been carried out by Lynn Maclachlan who is the first line of contact for the Society.  Since April, Lynn has been employed as the Business Development Manager with the brief to grow the Society and look after the interests of all members.

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 Mark Lusher Photo

Mark Lusher

Mark has worked in the industry for 30 years, mainly in the waste water and railway sectors.

During his career Mark has worked as a client manager, consultant and contractor so has wide experience of managing projects from all sides of the fence.

Mark is currently working for Atkins providing specialist trenchless advice for their UK and International operations.  He has won seven trenchless technology awards for innovation and innovative projects and brings extensive experience of working on complex, difficult access projects in built up areas.


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 John Beech vers 2

John Beech

iLine is a new company formed by ex-Perco management. My roll is to grow the business and develop relationships in the Rail, Highway and EA area especially.

My focus is marketing and improving the awareness of iLine in the trenchless industry.

iLine are specialists in UV lining with over 10 years experience together with offering GRP lining and Directional Drilling solutions

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 peterCrouch sm

Peter Crouch, Technical Secretary

As a senior manager in the utility industry with broad experience and detailed background knowledge of engineering and operations I operated at Divisional Management level for over ten years and successfully fulfilled a range of roles both front of house and for project management sectors of the business.

Since leaving Wessex Water I have established my own consultancy business with a range of clients in engineering, operations and contracting.
My broad ranging senior roles within the utility sector enable me to offer support service in most aspects of the business and bring additional focus on cost saving and quality improvement. My previous experience includes overseas as well as domestic project delivery for different clients.

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 Jim Albarella-TTUK

Gennaro Albarella (Jim)

I commenced my employment with TT-UK-Ireland on 24th October 1988 as an engineer repairing and servicing Grundomat Soil Displacement Hammers. Since then I have progressed through the company to become a Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) specialist on Grundodrills, helping both existing and new customers with operational aspects. Being a fully qualified HDD and mud specialist, I am able to provide HDD management course information.

My HDD skills have taken me to many parts of the world, working and giving technical drilling advice in the Far and Middle East, Ireland, India, South Africa, Kenya and Cyprus amongst other places.

In addition to the above, I also carry out both theory and operational training on other trenchless products such as Grundomat soil displacement hammers, Grundoburst pipe replacement systems, Grundowinch, Grundoram and many other trenchless products and techniques.
My present role with the company is to assist the Operations Director in the day to day running of the Customer Services Department. This includes helping UK and international customers with both operational and technical assistance in trenchless technology methods.

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Shauna Herron

Shauna Herron is Director of Environmental Techniques Ltd, an award winning civil engineering company with 32 staff and a turnover of over £4 million. She represents Ireland on the Council of the UK Society for Trenchless Technology and on the European Standards Board.

Since becoming one of the youngest people to start a civil engineering course at Queen's University, Shauna Herron has been blazing a trail in what is traditionally a male dominated industry. She became the first female site manager in Northern Ireland and now manages specialist contracting and consultancy firm, Environmental Techniques Ltd.

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Luke Steadman

Luke has worked for the CATSURVEYS Group for three years and has recently been appointed as Business Development Manager. Having worked as a Land Surveyor for six years at Skanska, a multinational construction and development company, Luke has brought his surveying experience, team leading and motivational skills to the role and is a key figure in maintaining client relationships, effective organisation and projet management for the company.

Luke is part of the Mobile Ground Penetrating Radar Team, assisting in its development and ensuring clients get the desired deliverable.
Luke organises and manages team work in both the office and on site to ensure that each project runs efficiently and the clients specific needs are met., He is also a member of the Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors (CICES).

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Simon Little

Simon has been in the trenchless industry since 1986 when he started working for Norweb (now United Utilities) in the acable laying department utilising impact moles. Simon left Norweb to take up a position with a franchise of Dyno Rod where he worked his way up to become franchies principal. During this time, Simon helped to introduce directional drilling, pipe bursting, small diameter CIPP lining and point repair systems into the Dyno portfolio. Simon became involved with ProKasro Mechatronik GmbH through the use of their UV lining equipment and sewer robotic systems. As a consequence of this, Simon left his position with Dyno Rod to take up his currrent role of UK and International Sales for ProKasro.

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Co-opted Members

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Phil Letchford   

Phil Letchford

Phil has been involved in the trenchless technology industry since the late 1980's, he started working for Essig UK Ltd, a Saturday job assembling Essig Lubricators for sales orders. He has a wealth of experience covering Horizontal Directional Drilling, Impact Moling, Pipe Ramming, Vacuum Excavation systems, Pipe Bursting, Winching & Auger Boring.
He is Sales Director for newly formed Trenchless Sales UK Ltd (part of Trenchless Group), responsible for the companies wide range of renowned Trenchless equipment in the UK & Ireland.

In addition to the above, He has worked, trained and taught in Europe & America on the EasyDrill mini HDD equipment, Essig Pneumatic Moles, Rod & Wire Rope Pipeburster systems.

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 JoParker sm

Jo Parker

I am a chartered civil engineer and have worked in the water industry for 37 years in a wide variety of roles. I now work as an independent consultant providing technical and project management support to a wide range of utility related activities. Prior to this I worked in a range of technical and management roles with Thames Water before moving to Wessex Water.

I then moved to the Veolia Water Group where I have held a number of roles including Head of Network Asset Management and Director of Operations. I have been client manager for UKWIR and convener of the Water UK Distribution Infrastructure Network.

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 DrewHolland sm

Drew Holland

 I am responsible for European sales and Technical support for Trelleborg Pipe seals Duisberg GmbH and have been practically applying and handling several no-dig solutions from working onsite to giving trainings with onsite demonstrations since 2007.

Preferably focused on Trelleborg's mature technical solutions for the trenchless pipe and sewer rehabilitation – but I also have a good understanding of all aspects involved within the world of 'No DIG' and would be happy to be contacted whenever you need support or advise.

Specialist areas include Manhole- Manhole CIPP, Spot pipe repairs, seals and Robotic Lateral Cutters.

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