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Education - One of the constraints to the greater adoption of trenchless methods is the lack of awareness and detailed information and support of these systems for the engineering community. This is partly because very few students graduating from UK universities have any knowledge of the wide range of techniques currently available.
Because of time constraints or lack of awareness by staff themselves, most university departments do not include trenchless methods in their curriculum. However, there are a few that do manage to find a few hours in the syllabus to give a broad overview of trenchless technology. This mainly where universities have staff with trenchless technology experience or knowledge and they manage to cover trenchless methods in their teaching programmes.
The UKSTT has in the past helped to sponsor the development of the MSc programme in Pipeline Engineering at the University of East London (UEL) and continue to use this material to support a Pipeline engineering day for universities throughout the UK in conjunction with other industry specialists.
The UKSTT provides guest lecturers to speak on various trenchless methods for UK universities. In the first instance please contact either the admin team at Kenilworth via our web site or the UKSTT Technical secretary,  if they would like to arrange such a lecture.
Training - The UKSTT, in conjunction with Develop Training Solutions and other associated corporate members, has been actively involved in developing training and assessment modules for a number of trenchless methods. These modules have been accredited by the City and Guilds Institute or alternative independent assessment accredited training bodies and thus formal certification of competence in trenchless methods is now possible.

To date the following modules have been developed:

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