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Service pipe Renovation Methods

Renewal of service or communications pipes takes two forms –
• Service Pipe Replacement – where the old pipe is 'renovated' by being completely replaced.
• Service Pipe Renovation – where the old pipe is utilised as the carrier for a new structurally sound material forming a 'new pipe'.
This can be achieved by using one of four forms of trenchless technology depending on the prevailing conditions – impact moling & pipe pulling for replacement and pipe lining & insertion for renovation.
Service pipes are typically the individual smaller pipes coming off the larger 'main' to provide a specific property with the relevant utility – usually gas or water. These may require replacement due to leakage or damage, the original pipe material effecting the quality of the carried product or a need to increase the amount of flow of the product to the supply point by increasing the size of pipe or pressure within it.

Technology Description

Service Pipeline Replacement:

Method Overview:

Impact Moling Pipe Pulling
Replaces old pipe by boring a new hole between two 'pits' which is then used to pull in new pipe. Extracts old pipe and pulls in a new one using same bore path between two pits.
Cost effective – no additional consumable items are required. Can be used in confined spaces and is cost effective against open cut techniques.
Small kit – most utility service vans carry 'moles' with them. Specialist team can complete numerous pulls in a day.
Ideal where there is no surrounding infrastructure. Ideal where there is nearby infrastructure or 'risk' areas such as under a property.

Service Pipeline Renovation:

Method Benefits:
Pipe Lining
Pipe Insertion
Uses old pipe to spray or inflate an epoxy resin or plastic to form a structurally sound 'wall' as the new carrier. EUses old pipe as a carrier for a new pipe pushed up the inside.
Low material cost. Many insertions can be completed in a day by one team.
Low impact, 'key hole' operation from main to stop tap. Low impact' 'key hole' operation from main to stop tap.
Ideal for small wall leaks where old pipe is in good condition. Ideal where flow is not an issue and pressure can be increased.

Service Pipe LiningImpact MolingPipe Pulling Spool After ExtractionService Pipe Insertion

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