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Robotic Repair Systems

A variety of sophisticated, remotely controlled robots are available for surveying and carrying out various operations and repairs within a pipe. A combination of robots and different milling heads allows the repair of joints, fractures, defective connections, encrustation and small holes. All work can be carried out by access from a single manhole and in most cases, the manhole does not require any remedial works to allow the robots to enter the sewer.
Robotic repair systems are mainly used for isolated or patch repairs to non man entry size sewer pipes.
Technology Description
CCTV robots are first used to identify whether repairs are required and where the damaged sections are located. Robots equipped with remotely operated cutters and grinders can then be used to prepare the pipe for subsequent repairs. Epoxy or other appropriate repair grouts can then be applied by robots designed specifically for such operations.
The nature of these local robotic repairs leads to structural enhancement rather than completely re-establishing the structural integrity of a pipeline. A programme of works thus needs to be well planned, otherwise this will prove expensive. For example, bringing in a selection of robots for "one-off" repairs will not be economically feasible. On the other hand if planned well robotic repairs targeted at sections of damaged pipe can prove less costly than complete rehabilitation of a length of pipe.


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