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Leak Detection

Since its peak in 1994/95 leakage has fallen by a commendable 33% or the equivalent of the daily needs of about 12 million people. The 2001/02 leakage level was down to 146 litres per person per day, the equivalent of 1.5 baths per person per day. However, although UK leakage is being reduced, at 3240 Ml/d or about 2050 Olympic size swimming pools a day, UK leakage is still quite considerable.
The average cost of producing portable water at the tap is 0.07p per litre making the cost of UK leakage about £2million a day.

Against this background of continuing pressure to reduce leakage levels many water companies find themselves at or near to their Economic Level of Leakage (ELL) and are therefore needing to look at the advances in detection technology, trench less renovation methods and other rehabilitation techniques to provide the reduction in costs.

Traditional methods such as correlation and step testing can now be supplemented by exciting new techniques such as Ground Penetrating Radar


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