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Members List: Electro Scan (UK) Ltd

Electro Scan (UK) Ltd
Charles Hansen
71 - 75 Shelton Street
Covent Garden
020 7692 8729
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Service Provider, Equipment Manufacturer/Supplier, Contractor-Water, Contractor-Gas, Contractor-Sewer
Electro Scan represents the Next Generation in Sewer & Water Leak Detection. A revolutionary technology for the pipeline assessment industry, Electro Scan finds leaks missed by CCTV (visual) and acoustic sensors (audio) in sewer mains and private laterals. An add-on product to existing CCTV vans, Electro Scan’s proprietary technology assesses both pre-CIPP and post-CIPP for water tightness by measuring the variations of electricity flowing though defective joints, cracks, and poorly connected service connections. In contrast to traditional pressure testing, Electro Scan identifies defect locations through each pipe to the closest 1cm. Electro Scan’s ES-300 for Sewer Mains™ system simulates a wet-weather event within the pipe, then at a production rate of 15+ meters per minute, automatically measures the location, orifice size, and provides estimated infiltration rates (±40% accuracy) for each defect and for the pipe segment as a whole, in litres per second (l/s). Our cloud-based application, Critical Sewers®, not only provides a secure storage facility for the “big data” (11,000-12,000 raw data points per scan) and filters out anomalies; it allows immediate access and data management with sorting and organization tools. Electro Scan (UK) Limited offers both service for hire and sale of its products, in the UK. Sample UK project reports that compare Electro Scan results to CCTV are available upon request, at no charge. Enquires for demonstration projects are welcome.

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