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Members List: Danaher & Walsh APS Ltd

Danaher & Walsh APS Ltd
Mr Paul Cleaver
20 Granite Way
LE12 7TZ
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Contractor-Water, Contractor-Sewer

Danaher & Walsh APS offers a range of cost-effective, high tech solutions for pipeline repair and rehabilitation, primarily using No-Dig techniques.
We specialise in complex, innovative repairs, using the very latest in trenchless repair and imaging technology from across the globe.
Danaher & Walsh APS offers a genuine one-stop-shop for drainage works. Its sister company Danaher & Walsh Civil Engineering is one of the leading civil engineering contractors in the Midlands, with an impressive track record working for private and public sector clients, including a long-term alliance contractor for Anglian Water.

CCTV Surveys & Diagnostics
Danaher & Walsh APS uses some of the most advanced camera systems available to provide high quality imaging, resulting in insightful and accurate surveys and diagnostic information, which is then presented to you in a dvd format with a full technical report.
Our skilled and experienced operators have the ability to collect the necessary footage and interpret it correctly, meaning we can present you with a diagnostic report that enables you to make high quality informed commercial decisions regarding the management of your pipeline assests.
Our high quality surveys can also be used to verify the integrity of a new drainage installation. In depth reports can be provided to your client or adopting authority for verification.

Find & Fix
Our CCTV crews are also fully trained to carry out repairs. Patch liners can often be installed immediately, resulting in a permanent fix without any requirement for further visits. If this is not possible, we will offer honest advice on the most suitable course of action.
Our teams can operate safely and discreetly in public environments, meaning we can solve your problem with minimal disruption.

Danaher & Walsh APS offers a wide range of pipeline repair techniques including CIPP Lining, patch lining, robotic cutting and re-rounding. Our expert teams are able to advise on the most suitable and cost effective repair for each scenario.
We can deal with most pipeline repairs, ranging from preventative lining to full sewer collapses and displaced joints. As well as Gravity systems , we are able to carry out repairs to pressurised pipelines using specialist lining systems.
We use the very latest in robotic technology to provide solutions to a wide range of issues. Our remote-control robotic cutters can be used to re-open lateral connections, remove concrete and cut out tree roots with precision.

We also provide solutions for:
* Leaking manholes
* Groundwater infiltration
* Failed pitch fibre pipes
* Culvert repairs
* High pressure jetting
* Persistent blockages

Our knowledge and experience enables us to work in even the most tricky of locations, including those with limited access and pipelines underneath buildings or structures.

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