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Members List: Amiblu Norway AS

Amiblu Norway AS
Miss Leon Woods
PO BOX 2059
3202 Sandefjord
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Utility Company-Water, Utility Company-Electric, Utility Company-Sewer, Contractor-Water, Contractor-Sewer

 Amiblu is the world’s largest supplier of GRP pipe systems and solutions. Our GRP pipes are exceptionally strong, light-weight and resistant to corrosion and abrasion, featuring optimal hydraulics and a remarkably long, maintenance-free design life exceeding 150 years.

Amiblu brings together the expertise, experience and global footprint of two leaders in GRP sustainable water solutions: Amiantit Flowtite and Hobas. We have decades of experience across hundreds of potable and wastewater, industrial water supply, irrigation and hydropower projects worldwide.

Our mission is to speed up the world’s transition to sustainable water management.

Why are we replacing pipes every generation when it’s not necessary? Why are we allowing corrosion and leakage to pollute our water and environment when we can stop it? Why are we paying more today for something that lasts half as long when there’s no need to? Why are we generating extra emissions by transporting ductile iron and steel when we don’t have to?

Amiblu provides a better, simpler, smarter and more sustainable answer to using concrete, ductile iron and steel to build pipelines for water. And that answer is GRP. Amiblu’s GRP pipeline solutions outperform concrete, ductile iron and steel pipes on every dimension. Like plastic, GRP pipes are lighter, easier, more flexible and cheaper to transport and install than concrete, ductile iron and steel. Unlike plastic, GRP are more rigid and can be used to create large-diameter pipes that are strong at low weight.

GRP Jacking Pipes - recognised world-wide for their high axial compressive strength, reduced wall thickness and excellent hydraulic properties and reduced weight. 

Amiblu’s range of jacking pipes are designed for the construction and renovation of underground pipelines using trenchless methods, they feature high axial strength and ring stiffness with a flush coupling design which are recognised for their strength and corrosion resistance making them suitable for a range of applications including water, sewerage and drainage.

Amiblu NC Line – For extending the lifetime on tunnels, culverts, pipelines and deteriorated non-circular channels by up to 150 years providing the strength to uphold pipe and tunnel walls, designed and manufactured specific to each project

Amiblu NC Line is a new and redesigned pipe – developed by researchers and scientists at Amiblu. Years of research and development in Amiantit and Hobas has culminated in a pipe with a longer estimated service life, increased acid resistance and with an impact resistance that makes it easier and safer to handle. All tested and approved to ISO 16611, the relevant international pipe standard for non-circular pipes.

For deteriorating pipelines and tunnels, relining requires adaptation to the original profile, the production facilities at Amiblu are equipped to design and manufacture the most required specified, and our engineers are always available for design support.

In a world where the demand for water is increasingly stressing available supplies and resources, it’s time our industry benefitted from GRP’s outstanding lifetime performance, economical savings and environmental attributes.

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