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Members List: Terra Solutions Ltd

Terra Solutions Ltd
Barry McAllister
17 Chantry Lane
AL10 9HS
01707 268 236
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Contractor-Water, Contractor-Gas, Contractor-Electric, Contractor-Cable, Contractor-Sewer
Localised Repair Techniques, Lining Techniques, Replacement Techniques, Pipe and Cable Laying Techniques

Terra Solutions Limited offer a range of trenchless solutions that include: • Shaft Construction • Microtunnelling • SCL tunnelling • Pipejacking • Augerboring • Timberheadings • Horizontal Directional Drilling • CIPP sewer relining • Culvert Rehabilitation • Sewer under rail renovation.  Having being involved in trenchless construction for over 35 years the Company has a huge catalogue of impressive past projects and a comprehensive modern fleet of tunnelling & relining equipment. The Company has been involved in some of the most challenging trenchless civil engineering work in the UK and Ireland and have worked across a wide range of complex industries and sectors including Oil & Gas, Water & Sewerage, Airports, Road, Marine and Rail. We offer a 'one stop shop' for trenchless construction, from design assessments to full turn-key packages that can incorporate shaft construction, and large sections of pipeline through to commissioning. The Company's relining division offers innovative UV cured-in-place pipe solutions from 150mm up to 1450mm including culverts.
Terra Solutions Limited own and operate a modern and comprehensive fleet of pipejacking equipment capable of installing pipelines ranging from 1200mm to 2400mm in diameter The basic concept of pipe-jacking is well established, and is capable of installing concrete, steel or in certain circumstances GRP pipes by systematic face excavation. Excavation techniques cover a wide range, from hand mining to backhoe and roadheader machines through to sophisticated full face earth pressure balance shields. Calculations such as settlement predictions, thrust wall calculations, jacking loads, face stability and other design considerations including ground interpretation are also offered by Terra. With our extensive range of modernised pipejacking equipment, we are able to offer the most appropriate machine for every scheme, based upon criteria such as diameter and length of tunnel, ground conditions and position of the ground water table.
Terra Solutions have the ability to sink shafts in various challenging ground conditions, whether it's hydraulically jacking a segmental shaft vertically downwards in cohesive ground, or underpinning in rock. Terra Solutions own and operate a huge range of equipment for this purpose. Specialist jacks, control panels, grouting systems, cranes, shaft access & protection equipment are all 'in-house' equipment used for the construction of shafts for pumping stations, ventilation, access lifts, safety exits on London Underground or underground storage facilities. Shafts in various sizes and locations have been successfully constructed in many places from small residential streets in Central London to live Gas Storage sites in the North. Terra Solutions can construct caisson and cofferdam shafts needed for your project. Our service can include for design of collars and bases as well as calculations demonstrating anti floatation and stability. We have experience constructing shafts from 1.8m to 30m in diameter and to depths of 3m to 35m.
This technique offers a high degree of accuracy for line and grade, and is primarily used for the construction of gravity sewers. Terra Solutions Limited operate a diverse range of Guided Auger Boring techniques that install pipe diameters ranging from 150mm to 1200mm. Augerboring offers a highly accurate, cost effective technique with minimal ground settlement and is ideal for rail, water, road, runway and other crossings.
Terra Solutions Ltd. was the first Company in Europe to employ the new Eliminator style of augerboring. The Eliminator requires no pilot bore and is suitable for tougher ground conditions including weak rock and non-displaceable solid (up to 100 N-value). The head has 3 independent steering control devices to maintain line/level and is suitable for graded pipelines such as sewers. The Eliminator was originally used in 2013 at Gatwick Airport to install 200m of gravity sewer in adverse ground. Another reason why Terra Solutions leads the way in trenchless technology
Microtunnelling is an efficient trenchless technique offering precise line and level installations in various ground (including rock). Micro tunnelling is particularly suited to the urban environment where the disruption of traffic and other utilities is not acceptable. Most microtunnelling work is carried out using slurry TBM's (Tunnel Boring Machines). These offer the ability to work below the water table, using the slurry as a transport medium for the excavation arisings and to balance the ground water pressure. Terra Solutions Ltd owns and operates a range of slurry microtunnelling TBM's which are able to work in the most challenging of ground conditions, including strong rock.
Terra Solutions has been involved in the rehabilitation of pipes for over 20 years and is a pioneer in the field of Cured In Place Pipe (CIPP) relining. We reline sewer and drainage pipes ranging from 150 mm up to 1600 mm in diameter, in various shapes and dimensions, from square culverts to ovoid pipelines. Sewer pipe rehabilitation technology has advanced dramatically and the latest fast cure CIPP methods used by Terra Solutions ensures minimum disruption compared to the old style techniques. Our CIPP pipe lining systems also offer structural stability to old pipes and prevents corrosion from effluent. Terra Solutions Limited was the first Company in the UK & Ireland to employ UV Cure Relining techniques to renovate gravity pipelines, culverts and pressure pipelines used for utility services such as water, sewage and gas as well as other industrial effluent pipelines. UV Cure pipe relining is characterised by extremely fast curing times, site flexibility, and total quality management of a seamless product.
Proven over the last hundred years, and using the latest tools and technology, timber headings and blind pipe jacks can solve some problems that other trenchless methods cannot. Timber Headings are a cost effective method for short tunnelled sections where microtunnelling equipment or other equipment does not prove possible. One of the main advantages is the ability to divert past any unknown obstructions and connect into existing services underground while maintaining standard operating conditions above surface. Timberheadings are constructed by hand using timber sets to support the excavation and the pipeline is fed through the tunnel and grouted
Terra Solutions Limited was one of the pioneers of horizontal directional drilling in the UK & Ireland. We have the capability to perform directional drilling work in environmentally sensitive areas, city streets, cross country areas, major river crossings, roadways, railroads, and remote locations. We have experience in all types of soils, including solid rock and fractured formations. We also specialise in the use of horizontal directional drilling for Long Sea Outfall (LSO) installations. Terra Solutions have many years' experience of the ownership and operation of directional drilling equipment. The very latest drilling muds are available through sister company Drilling Supplies Ireland Ltd. This integrated approach is an essential factor in our success.
Sprayed concrete lining is a well-established method for large diameter tunnel construction throughout the UK. This method comprises the staged excavation of the tunnel using mechanical excavation and the application of sprayed concrete to the excavated surfaces to provide ground support. Common methods of sprayed concrete lining (SCL) tunnels comprise a temporary primary lining of sprayed concrete, with a sheet membrane or sprayed sealant, followed by construction of a permanent cast in-situ concrete lining, usually reinforced with steel bars. This type of tunnelling has been used extensively in London, for Crossrail and London Underground. It is suitable for shorter tunnel spans and offers much more flexibility than using a Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM), in terms of size and cross section. A key requirement is to apply the sprayed concrete lining as quickly as possible to minimize ground movements. Terra Solutions have a range of robotic spraying equipment allowing us to offer a comprehensive range of both manual and robotic sprayed tunnel and shaft lining installations
Excellent Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) standards are paramount to our success. By maintaining high QHSE standards, we aim to meet our clients' expectations. We are committed to creating a safe and healthy working environment for our employees and to protecting the public and the environment in general. Health & Saftey The health, safety and welfare of our people, and everyone else affected by our activities is fundamental to our success. This philosophy is reflected in excellent health & safety record and is instilled within our professional staff. Quality As thoughtful contributors to the built environment, attention to quality is central to what we do. Terra Solutions ensures all its activities are undertaken to provide a service which meets the requirements of its clients and is consistent with the best practices of pipeline & trenchless activities. As such we are members of the PJA, BTS and UKSTT amongst others. Environment Our Environment and its sustainability is crucial for everyone. We are committed to conducting our operations in an environmentally responsible manner. Sustainable business practices feature prominently on our agenda. In order to maintain the standards set out above, we conduct our business according to our accredited management systems: • ISO 9001 • ISO 14001 • OHSAS 18001 And operate within, and to, the following standards and guidelines: • Constructionline • SafeTcert • UKSTT • Pipeline Industries Guild • Pipejacking Association • British Tunnelling Society • UVDB • RISQS

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