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Members List: Kilbride Environmental Services

Kilbride Environmental Services
Mr Mike Phillips
G200 Queensway North
Team Valley Trading Estate
NE11 0NX
0191 487 9667
0191 487 9668
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Cleaning, Localised Repair Techniques
Hydrascan Limited is a subsidiary company of Kilbride Industrial Services Limited. In 2010 Hydrascan was awarded the UKSTT Innovation award for 2009. The unique patented water mains cleaning system has been widely used on Northumbrian Water contracts to clean 50km of water mains varying in size from 6 inch to 36 inch diameters. Using pressurised water the system has multi bend passing capabilities whilst achieving ranges of up to 500m. Used from a single point of entry this means the system can clean up to 1km from an excavation. In 2011 it is intended that the equipment will be made available commercially throughout the UK to help meet the mains cleaning requirements of the UK water companies. A recently completed demonstration rig in Gateshead will enable prospective users of the technology to understand clearly it's capabilities whilst at the same time providing a training facility for prospective users of the technology.

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